Karlos Arguiñano's recipes from March 14 to 18, 2016

Karlos Arguiñano in your kitchen is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Antena 3 from 12:15 p.m.

These are the recipes of the week from March 14 to 18, 2016:

March 14, Monday: "Eggs to Heaven"

We start the week cooking a blunt dish. Fried eggs with bechamel and batter. A very nutritious dish that provides proteins of high biological value necessary to maintain body mass, defenses in conditions and a correct metabolism. It is a dish recommended especially for people convalescent of a disease, people with little appetite and people with osteoporosis problems. Do not miss it because it is worth seeing and eating.

March 15, Tuesday: "Burger with mushrooms in sauce"

Karlos Arguiñano will cook in the program today some hamburgers with a garnish to suck your fingers: mushrooms in sauce. Meats are very important from the nutritional point of view, since they are the best source of quality protein, iron and vitamin B12. It is a very interesting food for children, the elderly and people with a tendency to anemia. The doctor recommends us to consume it 3 times per week.

March 16, Wednesday: "Muxarra a la papillote" and "Compote with ice cream"

Karlos Arguiñano has chosen a rich fish recipe to receive his sister Eva in the kitchen: muxarra a papillote. The fats in this fish help us lower cholesterol and keep our arteries healthy. As food of animal origin, it is worth mentioning the presence of vitamin B12, absent in vegetables, and that is essential so that we do not have anemia, for the proper functioning of the nervous system and for us to be healthy. For dessert, compote with ice cream. Delicious…

March 17, Thursday: "Marmitako de verdel"

As every Thursday, Karlos Arguiñano will prepare a delicious fish recipe, this time Marmitako de verdel. We are in full season and what better to use include this blue fish in our menu. Today we will cook it in marmitako. The result as always a recipe for bread and dips.

March 18, Friday: "Rice with rabbit and snails"

This week's regional recipe comes to us from the Costa Cálida: Murcia. A friend of the program asks us for a typical recipe from her land: rice with rabbit and snails.

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