10 desserts with horchata

We have selected 10 desserts with horchata on the occasion of Failures, one of the most representative parties of Valencia. A sweet and fun way to bring this holiday to any corner.

In addition, it is a good substitute for milk for people who do not take this food when preparing traditional desserts such as rice pudding, custard or fried milk. Horchata does not have gluten either, so celiacs can take it (in the case of trademarks, consult the labeling of the package).

10 desserts with horchata:

Valencian cream
Eva Arguiñano dares with an original recipe of Valencian cream, made with horchata. A simple dessert without gluten and made without oven.

Fried horchata
Bruno Oteiza prepares the traditional recipe for fried milk but made with chufa horchata, a good alternative for people who do not drink milk.

Horchata Sweet Rice
Bruno Oteiza prepares the traditional rice pudding, but substitutes milk for horchata, a good alternative for people who do not take this food. To accompany, some homemade cookies.

Horchata custard with cookies
Learn to make the recipe for custard based on horchata of chufas accompanied by butter cookies. Dessert made by Bruno Oteiza.

Curd Horchata with Nuts Tiles
Eva Arguiñano prepares an original recipe for horchata curd accompanied by dried shingles, a perfect dish to take as a dessert or snack.

Tears of horchata and chocolate
Bruno Oteiza presents some chocolate tears filled with horchata cream, some homemade chocolates perfect to surprise on special occasions.

Horchata ice cream
Bruno Oteiza prepares a colorful fruit dessert (strawberries, peach, melon, watermelon, ...) macerated in sugar with homemade horchata ice cream.

Horchata Custard
Eva Arguiñano surprises us with a recipe for breakfast or for a snack with some custards based on chufa horchata and applesauce.

Mango Bread with Chucha Horchata from Valencia
Bruno Oteiza presents a fun dessert of bread with horchata wrapped in caramelized mango and accompanied by strawberries, pistachios and ice cream.

Banana milkshake with horchata
Isma Prados prepares a nutritious and refreshing banana smoothie with chufa horchata, decorated with almonds and chocolate.

Community Recipes:

If you prefer to celebrate Fallas with other traditional desserts of the Valencian Community, you can prepare these typical sweets with the recipes of the Cooking Community.

Pumpkin Fritters
Loli Domínguez explains how to prepare pumpkin fritters, very typical in Valencia during the celebration of San José.

Homemade Fartons
Toñi recommends accompanying a fresh horchata with these homemade fartons, Valencian sweets that cannot be missed.

Coca De llanda
Learn how to prepare this typical sponge cake from the Valencian Community with the step-by-step video of Loli in the Cooking Community.

Nutritional information of horchata:

10 properties of horchata
Discover the power of chufa! And take advantage of its properties in horchata, an energy drink, nutritious and digestive. And gluten free, suitable for coeliacs!

Video: How to Make Fireball Horchata Pops. Dessert Recipes. (April 2020).

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