Rice with rabbit and snails, easily digestible dish

Nutritional information of the recipe: "Rice with rabbit and snails"

It is a healthy and nutritious dish recommended for everyone, since it provides us with quality proteins, energy in the form of carbohydrates and healthy fats, although less rice is recommended so that the food is balanced. Easy digestion dish recommended for people with delicate stomachs. People with constipation will opt for brown rice.

The nutritional contribution of the meal is completed with the accompanying salad, improving the presence of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

For dessert we will eat a fruit and a yogurt.

Food pyramid:

He saffron It helps us make a healthier kitchen. It also favors digestion and relaxes us. It is a powerful antioxidant helping us to prevent diseases and slow down the aging process.

He rice It belongs to the group of cereals, we place it at the base of the pyramid since cereals must be present in all meals for the diet to be balanced. Food that gives us energy and also provides us with proteins that are completed with snail or rabbit proteins. It also provides vitamins, minerals and fiber, especially if it is integral.

The snails We introduce them into the meat group. They provide us with proteins and barely have fat so that they can be part of a slimming menu without problems as long as we are careful with the fats when cooking them. They must be thoroughly cleaned before being consumed to remove the dirt and drool they produce. Like all meats, they provide us with necessary iron so that we do not have anemia, zinc and magnesium.

He rabbit It is a lean, healthy and nutritious meat, which provides us with quality proteins, easily assimilated iron and vitamin B12 only present in animal foods, thus complementing the vitamin intake of rice and vegetables.

Dr. Telleria's advice:

If we cook the snails we must clean them thoroughly before being consumed to eliminate the remains of soil and the drool they produce.



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