Bruno Oteiza's recipes from May 9 to 13, 2016

Cooking with Bruno Oteiza is broadcast from Monday to Friday in Nova from 2:00 p.m.

These are the recipes of the week from May 9 to 13, 2016:

May 9, Monday: "Breaded potatoes with choco in green sauce"

Breaded potatoes have been a very popular dish in our homes, and Bruno will prepare this stew with choco or sepia. A complete dish, ideal for any moment.

May 10, Tuesday: "3 peas"

Fresh peas are a seasonal food that must be present on the weekly menu to take advantage of all their nutritional properties and qualities. For all this, Bruno wants to show us 3 different dishes with 3 different sizes of peas, since each of them has a different cooking.

May 11, Wednesday: "Chickpea salad with chicken and curry vinaigrette"

We are in the middle of spring and we begin to recover those salads that we had forgotten last summer. In the program Bruno Oteiza will prepare a chickpea salad. Remember that the legume should not be missing in our diet, either in a stew or in a salad.

May 12, Thursday: "Shrimp Tortillitas"

One of the most typical tapas in Andalusia is shrimp tortillas and Bruno has wanted to travel south preparing this delight of tortillas.

May 13, Friday: "Fried chicken with guacamole"

We must celebrate that today is Friday and that's why Bruno Oteiza offers us this exquisite recipe: marinated chicken, breaded with kikos and fried, accompanied by guacamole. Perfect for a pecking dinner or to sit at the table and savor it next to ours.

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