Karlos Arguiñano's recipes from May 16 to 20, 2016

Karlos Arguiñano in your kitchen is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Antena 3 from 12:15 p.m.

These are the recipes of the week from May 16 to 20, 2016:

May 16, Monday: "Egg flower with asparagus and peas"

There are different ways of cooking and presenting eggs at our tables. Cooked, passed through water, fried ... today we will present them as flower eggs, a simple and original technique with which you will surely succeed. You only need film paper and a kitchen rope so that they do not disassemble. Encourage yourself to experience new things in the kitchen because in addition to easy, it is fun and they are great.

May 17, Tuesday: "Kidneys onions with paprika mashed potatoes"

The consumption of viscera, such as the kidneys has declined without justification in our times since they are foods rich in nutrients and with little presence of fat. Lamb kidneys provide more protein than the chop or leg of the same animal. It also provides a third of fat and more than twice as much iron as any meat. One caveat, people with high cholesterol will consume them occasionally.

May 18, Wednesday: "Black Lentil Salad" and "Canutillos stuffed with lemon, cream and kiwi sorbet"

Like every Wednesday, Eva Arguiñano will put her sweet touch to the program by cooking some stuffed with lemon, cream and kiwi sorbet. A dessert that will put the delightful end point to a perfect meal. First, a rich salad of black lentils. A clear example that you can enjoy legumes in different ways: today in salad.

May 19, Thursday: "Cod soup"

There are many properties that make soups essential on our table in any month of the year. They are healthy, contain a low calorie intake and their main ingredient is water, which helps maintain proper hydration. Today we will cook a conger soup, possibly one of the finest and tastiest white fish.

May 20, Friday: "Carcamusas"

This week's regional recipe comes to us from the land of Don Quijote: Castilla La Mancha. A rich recipe based on pork, ham, sausage ... to suck your fingers.

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