What is blunt bob haircut

We could define it as the flattering short and blunt hair. This is a classic bob, no layers and no texture. The cut ends more or less at the chin, leaving the neck exposed. What is achieved with this type of cut is to provide much more movement to the mane.

It favors all types of hairs: smooth, wavy and curly. If you have very fine hair, we recommend that you combine it with some type of product that gives you extra volume such as salt spray, it will create subtle and beautiful surf waves.

If you have it curly use those products that greatly reduce frizz. May combine with bangs, preferably long and open to the middle, although if you prefer straight or side bangs it will also look great.

Some of his most loyal followers are great Hollywood actresses. Emma Stone, sported this beautiful haircut in her presentation of her movie 'Birdman', Diane Kruger in the latest edition of the Oscars, and Leah Seydoux, in the last Cannes festival. The hairstyle of the latter did not go unnoticed in the French celebration, a total success.

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Video: HOW TO CUT A BLUNT HAIRCUT (March 2020).

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