How to choose skirt according to your body

The most feminine garment along with the dresses are the skirts. Not all skirts suits all women, but each woman does like a type of skirt. Write down these styling tips to get it right when choosing the skirt that suits you according to your body.

If you want to hide:

  • If you want to lengthen your silhouette, bet on vertical prints.
  • If your thighs are thick, do not climb the length of the skirt beyond the knees.
  • To conceal hip and triplet, it is best to wear a model that fits at the waist and wider at the bottom.

If you want to boost:

  • The narrow and tube skirts will make your butt look more voluptuous.
  • Narrow and short mini-skirts will make your legs look thicker.
  • If you want to gain volume, use pleated skirts.

Types of skirts according to your body

Long skirt

It has always been said that long skirts are exclusively for high, I disagree with this opinion. A long skirt, of course, who she is going to favor the most is a tall woman who can even afford to wear it with a flat shoe.

  • If you have a medium / short stature and you like this type of skirts you can wear them, you just have to avoid wearing a model that fits the hip (shorten your height), that is, bet on a model that marks the waist and you will create an optical effect That will stylize you.
  • If you have done with a hip model, you can wear it with a shirt / shirt as I do in the photo, mark the waist with a thin belt and you will create this effect. And if this last case is yours, take it with heels or wedges.

Flared skirts

This type of skirts if you choose high waist, they will help you to make your legs look longer, to increase this effect, wear them with heels, in addition this type of skirts make your legs look thinner.

  • If you have thick ankles, discard the minis and bet on skirts of this type that remain on the knee.
  • If you want to hide hips and tripita this is your garment, also if it has front pockets or folds, much better

Tube skirts

  • If you are thin and want to exaggerate your curves, bet on skirts narrow tubes and if you want an extra in voluptousity, which is also stamped.
  • If you like this type of skirts but you are not too thin, bet on skirts in dark and plain colors that do not exceed the knee.

Short skirts and mini skirts

  • These types of skirts are spectacular in people who have long, thin legs.
  • If this is not your case, opt for measures that are not too short or tight and wear them with thick socks and heels. If you have thick legs, discard this garment.

* Aurora Vega. Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper & showroom manager. Blog: Cinderella does not wear shoes.

Video: Find the perfect skirt for your body type. SKIRT GUIDE - SPRING FASHION. Justine Leconte (March 2020).

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