Fix a drawer that does not open

If we have a drawer that does not open well, a few simple DIY tricks will be enough to fix it.

Step by step to fix a drawer that does not open

Step 1
When a drawer gets stuck and does not open we should not force it. A good option is to pass a bar of moistened bath soap along the sides of the drawer, spreading the product with a cloth. Thus, we will get it to slide again as before.

Step 2
Drawers that do not run well are worse in wet weather because the fibers of the wood swell. To remedy it, we will rub the outside of the drawer with candle wax.

Step 3
If this fails, we can slightly reduce the wood on the sides of the drawer with a coarse-grained sandpaper, sanding in the direction of the grain.

Step 4
We can also review the sides of the table hollow where the drawer is housed with a scraper. In this way, we will eliminate possible remains of wax or varnish. Then we will clean the surface with a cloth and solvent.

Step 5
We will finish the work by matching the color of the entire surface with a wood stain.

Step 6
In this way, in addition to getting the drawer to work properly, we will have improved its appearance.

Video: Fix a Drawer that closes or opens by itself. . (March 2020).

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