Place Christmas lighting outdoors

Place a outdoor Christmas lightingIt is a great idea to decorate our houses in these upcoming parties.

Most of the time on these dates, we decorate the interior of our home in a special way.

What we propose on this occasion in Bricomanía, is to change the appearance of the exterior also, placing a Christmas lighting.

Step by step for an outdoor Christmas lighting

Step 1
In the market we will find different options to illuminate the exterior of our house quickly and easily.

Step 2
We are going to place a light string or flexible tube, easy to cut, inside which there are a series of bulbs that will give light to the area we want.

Step 3
For connect the hose to the mains, we will place at one of the ends of the tube a plug that we will introduce in some points that has the hose.

Step 4
We pass the runion acores through the hose, we plug the plug into the electric cable and screw the fittings conveniently.

Step 5
We begin to place the garland in the area that we are going to decorate and the we set the metal structure with plastic flanges. Thanks to the flexibility of this material we will adapt the tube to the shape of the surface to be covered.

Step 6
When we reach the end, we cut the tube with the help of a scissor and we placed a auction cap.

Step 7
We can already connect the plug to the mains, not forgetting that outdoors it is convenient to have waterproof sockets that are not affected by moisture. And in this simple way, we will have installed the exterior Christmas lighting.

Video: How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights. Lighting Design Tips (March 2020).

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