We will complete the headboard that we did with pine and neoprene wood building a practical and modern bedside tables. Thus, our bedroom will be perfectly combined. In addition, to make your journey comfortable, each of them will have four wheels. To clean the room we just have to move them and, in addition, we can easily run the wires of electrical appliances. As you can see, we have thought of everything.

In this work we are going to use very few materials: some pine wood boards whose grain will serve as a decorative element and rotating wheels that we will find in the DIY centers in different sizes and materials. The nightstands what we are going to do will have four rectangular sides, equal two to two; and each side or board will consist of four boards. The boards will be joined together butt or square, with adhesive and tubers.

  • Tools
  • driver drill
  • 8 mm diameter wood drill
  • drill stop
  • orbital sander
  • bucket
  • pallet
  • materials
  • 115 x 20 mm pine boards.
  • mounting adhesive
  • Scotch tape
  • 8 mm diameter tubers
  • furniture varnish
  • 100 mm diameter rubber wheels
  • 5 x 20 mm screws

Step by step to build a bedside tables:

Step 1
Once all the pieces of wood have been cut, we join the boards together, four by four, until we make the four boards. To join the pieces we use adhesive assembly that we will apply in the song of the same. Press and remove the excess adhesive with a spatula.

Step 2
We go now with the inner shelf of the tables that will have the shape of "L". Each side of the "L" is formed by two boards or small pieces of pine wood, which we will bond together with adhesive.

Step 3
When the adhesive has hardened, we sand the pieces well with a fine grit sandpaper and remove the dust, with a cloth or paper. We join the four pieces that will make up the box: we apply adhesive assembly on the edges and put some strips of adhesive tape by way of provisional restraint.

Step 4
After checking that everything is square we make four holes on each side of the box with the drill, a drill bit 8 mm in diameter, the same as that of the tubers, and a drill stop.

Step 5
We apply adhesive in the holes and introduce the tubers, which should be well flush, with the help of a club.

Step 6
We have the interior shelves already prepared, as you will remember, they are formed by two pieces joined at an angle of 90º, and we place them inside the tables glued together with adhesive.

Step 7
We sand the entire bedside table with the orbital sander and a medium grain sandpaper to get a good finish.

Step 8
We put on latex gloves on and apply a gel varnish for furniture, which does not drip, in the direction of the grain. We advise you to work with a pallet with the cut handle since this way you can easily access all the corners of the furniture. We will apply more product in the testes of the tables since they are more porous areas than the smooth faces.

Step 9
To finish off the work we will have to place four wheels on each bedside table: we present the wheels in the corners of the furniture taking into account the rotation of each one so that they do not protrude and we fix them with the screwdriver and some screws.

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