How a polisher is used

Before performing any electrical work it is important to cut the power; and to make sure that we have really disconnected it, we can use a simple security tool: the pole hunter.

Step by step about using a polisher:

Step 1
This manual tool is also known as tension meter or electrician screwdriver. The handle is totally insulated.

Step 2
Inside the handle head has a resistance and a small bulb connected to a button.

Step 3
To avoid possible mishaps, it is very important to grab the tool through the isolated area. With the tip, we touch the cable we want to verify, while pressing the button on the top of the handle.

Step 4
If the lamp of the blaster turns on, it means that we are touching an electric conductor cable. In case it stays off, instead, we will be touching a neutral wire.

Step 5
When performing electricity work at home, we can think that turning off the switch stops passing current and sometimes it is not, since the installation was done without taking into account the color established for the phase, the neutral and the land. Therefore, it is convenient to always turn off the power from the register box.

Step 6
Thanks to this tool we can perform small electricity jobs with total security.

In this bricomanía bricsejo, we have seen how a polisher is used, a tool that will allow us to work with electricity more safely

Video: How To Use A Polisher - Car Detailing Basics - Chemical Guys - TORQX Dual Action Polisher (April 2020).

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