Make a concrete coffee table

On this occasion, we propose the construction of a practice concrete countertop, strong and resistant, which we will place next on a wooden table We already have. A very simple job available to any DIY enthusiast.

Taking into account the measurements of the table, we will prepare the mold. We make a big box and a small one, we join them and insert a structure made with metal mesh. Mix the concrete with the amount of water indicated by the manufacturer and when we have achieved a homogeneous mixture, pour it into the mold.

Then, we simply wait for the product to harden and unmold the countertop. We finish the job by placing the new piece on the table.

  • Tools
  • Driver drill
  • Ø 4 mm wood drill
  • PZ2 tip
  • keyhole saw
  • Sheet for metal
  • Concrete mixer
  • Rule
  • Nylon hammer
  • Rubber mace
  • Pallet
  • Jaw
  • Pliers
  • Bubble level
  • Rule
  • Palette
  • Jimmy
  • Spatula
  • materials
  • 16 mm chipboard
  • 4 x 40 mm screws
  • 5 mm metal mesh
  • Wire
  • Release oil
  • Concrete
  • Water
  • Table

Step by step to make a concrete coffee table

Step 1
First, we assemble the two boxes that will form the mold, joining the pieces of chipboard together with some screws.

Step 2
Then we make some guide holes in the larger box, with the help of the drill provided with a Ø 4 mm wood drill bit.

Step 3
We place the small box inside the large and the we hold with 4X40 mm screws, in this case.

Step 4
Now we can prepare the metal box That will reinforce the structure. We cut the pieces of mesh we need, using the jigsaw and a sheet for metals, and we join them together with wires.

Step 5
We introduce the mesh structure in the mold, fitting it with some pieces of tile or pieces of a material that does not rot with moisture, and after leveling the whole, we prepare the concrete.

Step 6
We mix the concrete with water, inside a concrete mixer in this case, and once we have obtained a homogeneous mass, we see it in the mold.

Step 7
With the help of a palette, we spread evenly the dough and we hit the mold, so that the concrete settles properly. For that, we will use a rubber mace.

Step 8
Then, we remove the excess by passing a Metalic ruler and we wait for the concrete to harden.

Step 9
Now we can unmold the countertop from the future table. We drop the boxes, turn the piece around and finally, we fit it on the table.

Step 10
In this simple and economical way, we have achieved a table with a solid countertop, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Video: How To Make a Concrete Coffee Table and How to Embed a Metal Design in Concrete (March 2020).

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