Renew chest of drawers or chest of drawers

We are going to change the look of a dresser or chest of drawers completely. To do this, the first thing we will do will be a countertop with ceramic pieces.

In addition, combining patterned and plain papers we will line the exterior and interior of the drawer.

Crystal stones will give a personal touch to this renovated dresser where we will keep the cutlery and table linen.

  • Tools
  • Screwdriver
  • Sander
  • Cutting
  • Stapler
  • materials
  • Comfortable
  • White glue
  • Adhesives
  • DM board
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Putty for tile joints
  • Putty to fix tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Edging tape
  • Wallpaper
  • Velvety black adhesive foil
  • Crystal decoration stones
  • Cloth

Step by step to renew a dresser or chest of drawers

Step 1
We will start breaking tiles two colors to get small pieces. These tiles will be used to cover the new countertop of the dresser or chest of drawers.

Step 2
We are going to fix some new countertop metallic profiles that will help us make a ceiling for the tiles.

Step 3
When we have the metal profiles already fixed, we will create a small composition with the ceramic pieces.

Step 4
Once the composition is decided, we will begin to glue the tiles with special putty for tiles.

Step 5
With that same putty, let's Fill the eggs that we have left between tiles.

Step 6
With a spatula, we smooth the entire surface of the countertop to remove excess. Then, once it has dried, we will pass a damp cloth to clean the remains of putty that has been left on the tiles.

Step 7
The next step will be to fix some edging tapes in the drawers of the dresser. It is important to press well while we are fixing the pieces.

Step 8
We will cut the leftover with a sharp and with a fine sandpaper we will achieve a perfect finish.

Step 9
Now we are going to sand the sides of the dresser with a medium grain sandpaper. In this way we will eliminate the remains of varnish that you may have.

Step 10
As we are going to decorate the sides with paper, we will apply a layer of white glue.

Step 11
Then we will fix the paper and we will leave leftover on both sides.

Step 12
With a rag we will eliminate any air bubbles that may remain so that the sides are completely smooth.

Step 13
We will finish with the sides of the dresser, cutting up the leftover paper with a cutter.

Step 14
Next, we will apply some adhesive points on the top of the dresser and we will fix the entire worktop We have created. We will leave some egg on the sides and in the front, and leave the rear flush.

Step 15
With some adhesive sheets with a somewhat velvety texture, we will line the front of the drawers. We will leave some leftover, and once we have the piece lined, we will cut what is left over.

Step 16
For him inside the drawers, we are going to cover some DM boards of the size of the drawers with a fabric that matches the general colors of the dresser. We will use a stapler to fix the fabric on the boards.

Step 17
By way of shooters, we are going to fix some hooks to some pieces of glass with adhesive. Then, we will fix the hooks with some screws and we will have the handles in the drawers.

Step 18
Finally, we will place the boards lined with fabric inside the drawers.

Step 19
We already have the renovated dresser! We have achieved a chest of drawers with a personal and original touch in a very simple way.

Video: Restoring A Chest Of Drawers - Junk Find Makeover (March 2020).

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