Tips to avoid mess in the bedroom

We give you the keys to get your bedroom is collected and tidy so you can enjoy a quiet and cozy environment to rest.

Don't accumulate

One of the main reasons why a bedroom can become chaos is the accumulation of clothes, shoes, accessories ... Therefore, it is important to perform, from time to time, a cleaning, taking out all the objects you do not use and thus make room to the new

For example, when it comes to storing shoes, select those that are seasonal and that you wear more often and place them in an easily accessible place like a shoemaker. If you have no place, one option is to use accessories that are placed behind the door to hang and place the shoes.

Those shoes that you use less or are from another season, store them in labeled boxes. Also take the opportunity to give those shoes that surely you are not going to wear and throw away those that, although they like them so much, the time has come to renew them of so much use.

The mountains of clothes

Dirty or worn clothes, don't pile them up, have a laundry basket in the bathroom or in the washing machine area. In this way you will not accumulate objects or mix clean and dirty clothes.

Same with The clothes you just washed. Once dry, iron it and hang it in place. If you do it all at once you will make the clothes have less wrinkles and therefore spend less electricity when ironing.

Out of the closet

As for the inside of the closet, as we have commented, get rid of everything you do not use or is from previous seasons and store it in boxes or vacuum bags.

Organize your clothes to make it easier for you to access your clothes. For example, Sort each shelf according to the type of clothing, t-shirts on one shelf, pants on another, sweaters and jackets on another ...

Try to place them based on usage, the ones you use the most at the top. Of course, avoid placing the heaviest items above, as they will crush the ones underneath.

Night galans

The hangers and night gallants are practical and very useful hangers to have on hand the clothes that you are going to wear at the moment or the next day. But beware Do not turn these objects into a place to stack jackets and coats.

Bedside tables and dressers

As we have commented, the bedroom is a place of relaxation, so close to the bed, there should be no objects on the bedside table or dresser, just a lamp, the alarm clock and a box to store the rings or earrings that you used during the day.

If you like to read, a bedside book will be fine, but don't turn your bedside table into a library counter.

The rest of the objects must be stored in the drawers of the bedside table out of sight.

As for the dressers or dressers, the same, a box to store jewelry and objects, a perfume, but nothing more. In this way we will avoid the accumulation and it will be easier for us to pass a cloth to clean the surfaces.

Trick to order

If you find it difficult to find what you are looking for in a drawer, divide it into compartments by placing boxes without a lid inside. In this way you can have small compartments to place the objects and access them easily.

We hope that these tips help you to have your room or bedroom tidy to enjoy a restful rest in a clean and clear environment.

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