Protect your home from thieves

In the summer months, the heat and the good weather make us spend more time away from home. In general, summer vacations are the longest of the year, which allows you to travel farther than usual and for longer.

So that the return is as happy as the departure, we offer a few tips to prevent us from finding the house undervalued when we open the door.

In the market there are multiple burglar alarm systems that can deter thieves from their intentions but a few additional precautions are never too much.

  • If our absence is going to be prolonged, we should avoid commenting to people who are not close. In these cases the fewer people know, the better since we can never know exactly the intention of those people or third parties.
  • What we should do is leave the keys of our house and mailbox to a person of total confidence, so you can access it in case of an emergency (fire, flood or suspected theft, for example). We will also ask you to check the mailbox and remove the mail so that it does not accumulate and give clues to the thieves of the absence of people in the house.
  • To avoid a fire or flood, it is best to turn off the power to disconnect all electrical appliances and also close the water and gas stopcocks So there are no leaks.
  • We must ensure that our home does not feel uninhabited. For this we can leave the blinds at medium height. We can also program some devices such as television and the music chain to turn them on from time to time.
  • Don't go down The blinds totally.
  • Make sure the doors and windows are left properly closed, and that does not exist No other possible input. In doors and windows should not exist no gap that makes it easy for thieves to pry.
  • Do not let no copy of the key hidden under the doormat, in the planter or on the door frame, are the first places That thieves will check.
  • Activate the call forwarding so you can always answer them even if you are out. This way if someone calls to check that he is absent, can't find out easily.
  • Thieves use code signals to know which homes are uninhabited and how many people live in them. They usually make a notch in the telephone and in the mailbox to know on which floors they can enter to steal. If we detect any suspicious signal in these places, it is best to delete them as much as possible so that it is illegible.
    These factors attract the attention of thieves who enter the houses with greater security, because they know that the owners will surely be absent for several days.
  • If you decide to install any security system check which contracted company meets all legal requirements.

Following these simple steps will increase the security of our home during the holidays. And remember that, although we are not absent for a long time, it is better to take precautions.

Video: 12 Ways to Protect Your Home While Youre Away (March 2020).

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