How to compare electric companies?

Be clear about the starting point

Yes, talking about clarity in the electricity sector may sound like a utopia, but let's try. First of all we must know exactly the conditions we have in our current company. He saving and the rest of the advantages will depend, to a large extent, on what you pay and on the conditions you currently have.

If we start comparing by priceYou must first make sure you are comparing prices for the same billing period. So the first thing you should do is:

A - If you compare prices from another company with a electricity bill From your current company, make sure the prices are up to date.

B - If this is not the case, or check your current price on your company's website, locating your rate, or wait for the next invoice.

Once you have current prices from both companies for your same rate, you have two prices to compare:

1 -The one of power (price per kW of hired potency, the “fixed” of your invoice).

2- And that of Energy (price per kWh consumed, consumption, the variable part of the invoice). The one that can vary the most is this one, here is usually the big difference.

The second thing you should keep in mind when talking about price are the possible extra services (maintenance and the like) that you may be paying uselessly on your current bill. Also distrust of trap discounts that sometimes offer us and hide abusive stays. Betting on a transparent company that always seeks to offer the best price to its customers is undoubtedly a winning bet. The stays are no longer taken.

The rest of the invoice concepts (taxes, etc.) are common and equal in all companies.

All that glitters is not price

It is clear that the main reason for change marketer It's the price, but it shouldn't be the only one. In fact we would tell you to distrust those who offer you only and exclusively savings. You probably want to say that among your priorities is not taking care of your customers.

Close and efficient customer service, without abusive payment phone numbers, with people who speak to you in a language you understand, a type of billing that allows you to control your spending month by month, without surprises, the fact that they offer you green energy…  

These and other advantages may be enough to encourage you to change. Because if for the same price you will get a better service, you are changing for the better, don't you think?


Video: Texas Electric Rates: How to Compare Electric Prices, Companies, and Plans (March 2020).

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