How to prevent trees from rotting after training pruning

Trees can reach tens of meters high, such as redwoods, which can reach 100 meters. However, on many occasions the action of man ends up causing evil to these large trees. One of these negative actions for trees is incorrect pruning that causes serious cuts in trunks and branches.

These drastic cuts cause the wood to rot and, therefore, there may be a risk of the tree dying if it is not adequately protected.

We teach you step by step how to prune branches of formation to adapt the growth of trees and apply a product that protects the tree from these pruning.

Step by step to prevent trees from rotting after training pruning:

Step 1
So that the cutting of a pruning of a branch heals quickly and, in this way, to avoid the possible rot, the thickness that branch has to have does not have to exceed 10 centimeters in diameter.

Step 2
Cuts of branches of 10 centimeters in diameter allow the tree to heal properly as it develops an aura around the cut until it covers the entire cut.

Step 3
If the cut in the branch is greater than those 10 centimeters in diameter, the plant, by itself, will not be able to close the wound, and therefore, fungus will gradually enter the tree until it reaches the inside of the trunk. This can cause the fall of part of the tree branch structure or even the tree.

Step 4
To pruning formation, we must select those branches that, due to their growth, can interfere with the branches that grow vertically, and, whose diameter does not exceed those 10 centimeters we have commented.

Step 5
With the help of a handsaw we begin to saw the branch from the top.

Step 6
At the point where the branch is cut more than half, we must make a cut at the bottom of the branch. This cut will prevent the branch from tearing, affecting the bark. We finished cutting at the top.

Step 7
We proceed to protect the cut with a healing putty and fungicide with the help of a brush. This specific product will completely seal the wound and prevent the fungi and spores that are in the air from depositing on the wood and, eventually, eventually decomposing it.

Step 8
We proceed in the same way in all the branches that we eliminate in this pruning of formation to create a firm and solid structure for this tree.

We hope that with this advice you can make your trees grow strong and healthy.

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