Condition a tile road sowing grass

In this gardening task of Decogarden we are going to finish the work that we started in his day to prepare a path of slate tiles.

From a tiling with slate stones from an old slaughterhouse we have created a path or step in the garden, in which we made a plantation around the path with varieties of ophiopogon, ophiopogon japonicus and ophiopogon minor.

We will finish this task by conditioning a part of the road by sowing. We will hollow the earth with the rotovator, we will crumble it, level it and throw the seeds ...

In the sowing of the lawn we will have to take into account the area where it is going to be sown. In our case, it is an area where it will give a lot of shade, so we choose a lawn suitable for shady areas, its growth is slower but in the long run it will give better results. So, When planting grass, select the one that best suits the area: areas with lots of sun, semi-shade, shade ...

Let's see the steps to perform this task:

Step 1
Prior to doing a lawn planting is important to shred the earth so that it is fine and the grass seeds can germinate. In this case we have done it with the mechanical mule.

Step 2
With the crumbled earth we will level the surface with the rake so that no holes remain or some areas higher than others. We will distribute the land throughout the surface so that it is completely flat.

Step 3
After leveling the earth we proceed to sow the seeds. It is important to control the density or quantity of seeds. If the planting is very dense, that is, sowing many seeds will cause a weaker grass, if we put few seeds, there will be many bald.

Step 4
To end, We compact the soil with the help of the back of the rake so that the roots of the seeds join with the soil and thrive. It is not necessary to cover the seeds, simply compacting will root properly.

Step 5
We only have to wait for our grass to grow. Meanwhile we are going to place some bug-pots made with recycled pots to decorate this tile path.

In this way we have changed the appearance of this corner of the garden.

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