Cut branches to make gardening structures

On this occasion we will focus on seeing how to cut different branches of a hazelnut and a bamboo and then make a gardening structure with them.

In the case of the hazelnut, we find a red hazelnut. The way to expand this tree is to continually create pacifiers. These pacifiers come out of the bush and we can take advantage of them to make our structures. Keep in mind that depending on the thickness of the branch we need, we must choose some pacifiers or others. Therefore, they could be cut with two-handed scissors or with an electric saw if the diameter of the branch is very thick. It is very important to make these cuts from the base.

In the case of bamboo, the tool with which we will carry out this work will be the electric sawdust. With two-handed scissors, bamboo can be splintered and over time it will have a better chance of rotting. In this case, it is very important to choose the bamboo reeds that have at least 4 years, since those of previous years would decompose immediately.

Once we have all the branches we need, we must clean the entire branch well in order to leave the rods completely clear of twigs. Once we have reached this point, we can begin to make the gardening structure we need.

Video: How to Make Willow Structures for Your Garden (March 2020).

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