Colecho with the baby: benefits

There are many opinions about colecho: some in favor and others against. In this article we will list the Benefits that brings the colecho with our babies. We understand it as a parenting practice with attachment.

Because on many occasions we want our children to eat, dress and sleep alone as soon as possible. puts at risk the fact of wanting to become independent of them.

Next we will see what Benefits provide the colecho:

- For mothers who work spending the night with their little one compensates that "lack" during the day

- A bigger comfort for both, better rest and crying decrease

- The mother-child relationship is seen reinforced

- The risk of the baby suffering is reduced hypoglycemia

- The sleep cycles they synchronize between mother and baby as well as breathing.

- The risk of sudden death of the infant when doubling the number of shots

- The baby he sleeps more easily

But it should be noted that there are opinions for all tastes: some that favor this practice and others that do not.

In favor:

- Promotes the well-being of the baby

- Your neuronal development and ability to respond correctly to stress situations

- Greater development of self-esteem and subsequent personal autonomy


- Especially in matters related to security

- Parents should not be under the influence of any substance (alcohol, pills, etc.)

- Do not overheat with blankets and comforters

- Sleep the baby on his back

- Do not cover your head

- Avoid using blankets with hair, stuffed animals, pillows, etc.

- Know at all times that the baby is next to us with what to be careful.

According to UNICEF It is recommended that the baby sleep with the mother during the first 6 months of life.

But it is still a decision of the parents and very personal as we talk about an issue as important as the health and rest both of the baby and ours.

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