Buttock exercises in the park

Take advantage of the good weather to exercise outdoors like these exercises lying in the garden to harden the buttocks and hip They are also excellent for preventing bone problems such as osteoporosis, a disease that affects 4% of men and 17% of women, especially after 45 years. And is that one of the big problems of osteoporosis is the lack of muscle mass.

First perform the exercises lying on the grass and raising the legs, always with the abdomen inward so that it holds the hip well and avoid lower back and lumbar problems. The legs are stretched and flexed when lowering, expelling the air when making the effort, when raising the legs. Then do the exercises on your side, extending the legs leaving the leg in line with the hip. We will do about 10 repetitions with each leg, alternating over and over so that they do not load. Ideally, repeat these exercises 3 alternate days a week.

Nutritional Advice: There are 33,000 hip fractures in Spain, how to prevent them? Completing the exercise by taking food with calcium, avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

Video: No Equipment Workout for a Bigger Butt (March 2020).

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