Milk pancakes Galician traditional dessert


  • Easy
  • 90 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 1.4 / person
  • 258kcal per 100g.
  • Desserts and sweets recipes

Ingredients for milk pancakes. Galician traditional dessert

  • 200 g wheat flour
  • 500 ml whole milk
  • 100 ml of water
  • 5 medium eggs
  • A pinch of salt (3 grams)
  • To grease the pan: 1 piece of pork bacon without lean or extra virgin olive oil

How to make milk pancakes. When we talk about pancakes everyone usually thinks that this dessert Galician is a crêpe but although it seems it is not.

The differences between pancakes and crêpes They are minimal but in each area (especially in Northern Spain) they are prepared in a different way. The main difference is that the crêpe is prepared with butter and the filloa is not. In addition, whole wheat or buckwheat flour is not used for filloa.

In Galicia they started doing broth pancakes or water, the Galician Filloa par excellence, which is tried to recover at the Filloa party in Lestedo. In times of slaughter, pig blood is usually added, a delicious sweet pancake that I prepared with my grandmother Lucrecia to hundreds. Perhaps of my favorite pancakes, although not to everyone's taste.

Today I present the most common today, either for its simplicity, taste or for its sweet taste, milk pancakes. You will find it in Galicia depending on the area with other names, freixó or marrucho. In restaurants you will find them accompanied by sugar, honey or more creative, in the form of pancake cake, stuffed with cream or in the form of strudel.

It is a dessert that sweetens the table top of any Galician at any time of the year, although in Intro and slaughter is where he finds his climax, They are usually cooked in many ways, to stone, to the pan or with a filloeiro. How stones and filloeiros are difficult to achieve, we have chosen to make them in a pan like 99% of Galicians.

Use a good pan where they do not stick together because if it is your first time in the world of pancakes it can be a disaster, and I assure you it is the easiest thing in the world. Follow the recipe with this base cream that is more than tested and you will get the same as my grandmother's.

Preparation of the beloved or cream for the milk pancakes

  1. Pasta-cream is quite easy to prepare. We pour in a bowl milk, water, flour, a pinch of salt and eggs.
  2. Sometimes we can use instead of water and milk, cooked broth for its preparation. In this recipe you have the more traditional pancakes.
  3. We beat everything with the mixer without any lumps. Let stand an hour to finish thickening although the cream should be loose.
  4. In this time the flour will "open", we must have a thick cream but easy to handle.
  5. Once the resting time has passed, we put a nonstick skillet on the fire and spread it with the pork bacon or sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil.
  6. The real ones would be with bacon without lean, but not everyone has at home. It can be done with a few drops of oil, for each pancake a few drops.

Preparation of pancakes. Final presentation

  1. Mix well the pancakes and add to the pan, when it is hot, 1 tablespoon of the mixture.
  2. Depending on the size of the pan, we will add more or less quantity. We should have a thin layer. Rotating the pan we spread the filling all over the surface and return it to the fire.
  3. We keep the pancake in the fire until it is golden on the bottom. We will know this because the edges begin to separate from the pan and bubbles will have formed on its surface.
  4. We lift one of the corners and turn around the pancake. We let it cook for one or two minutes on this second face and remove.
  5. We must be at all times controlling the temperature of the pan. It should not be excessively hot so that it does not burn, but enough to brown it.
  6. If the fork is not good for you, you can use the trick of turning the pancake with a plate. It's how we usually do with the omelette, as you take practice, it will no longer be necessary.
  7. Before starting with a new pancake, we must smear the pan with the bacon again.
  8. We are placing the pancakes on top of each other as we prepare them. We will have our plate full of pancakes ready to serve with sugar or honey.

We can enjoy them both cold and freshly made as a culmination of a greatcooked Gallego and accompanied by a goodhomemade coffee liquor.

A dessert recipe Perfect to accompany a pleasant dinner with friends or family.

Here you have a step by step in photos where I show how to prepare this Recipe of milk pancakes. Do not miss detail so that they come out perfect.

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