From Tulicrem to Friguron: products that should return

"Let the Pepsi Crystal come back!" Is a shout that will hardly unleash a revolution. Like so many failed products that brands have launched through the ages, Pepsi with a pint of soda passed without penalty or glory through a Spanish market not too much receptive to this kind of sweetness that didn't even look like what they were. On the contrary, a few products erased from the face of our supermarkets still cause nostalgia sighs among their fanses, and perhaps the time has come to demand his return.

Some of these lost wonders were made by companies that sank. Others did not end up being profitable for not liking a mass audience, and others outperformed their competitors but did not endure commercial combat. They all have their cult, especially among those who were children or adolescents when they existed and now, as adults, they feel a painful monkey because of their absence.

To select the most unjust disappearances, the El Comidista deep investigation team, formed by Mònica Escudero et moi, He has recruited four experts in the search and analysis of popular culture jewels: Iñaki Berazaluce, from my favorite Strambotic blog; Javier Ikaz and Jorge Díaz, authors of the blog and the book-success I also went to EGB, and Ángel Sanchidrián, hero of the immeasurable Cinema Synopsis on Facebook and also in books. They are the ones who give the quality to the film, and we complete with our particular obsessions in the form of a lost cupcake or extinct soda.


Brown and sweet daughter of Tulipán and third world cousin of Nocilla and Nutella, Tulicrem swept through the children of the past for its high fat content and for using claims like the characters of Mortadelo and Philemon. "Milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar ... Nocilla. Such a combination was not to the liking of conscious mothers, that generation educated with the Nutrexpa Councils, who needed an alibi for their suckers to swell with chocolate bread," explains Iñaki Berazaluce . "Tulip came to satisfy this latent demand with Tulicrem, a sort of margarine impregnated in Cola Cao and with sobrasada texture. When my mother learned that Tulip, the mother ship, discontinued the manufacture of the potion, bought a pallet in the Pryca to guarantee the five brothers the supply until they come of age. "

This was packaging. / ALL COLLECTION

"When we were all hooked on the taste of this oily chocolate cream that our mothers bought for being the cheapest, it goes and disappears from the supermarket overnight and without warning," recalls Jorge Díaz. "There are those who are still desperately looking for it: they brought me one from Portugal (where it is still sold) but it doesn't taste the same. Let the original Tulicrem come back now!"


The Dupis was "the greasy and deformed brother of the donut", as Angel Sanchidrián defines it well. However, this invention of Bimbo had no fortune when it came to competing with Panrico's fried superball, despite its low price. "It had no sugar on top and was so soft that it had no round shape, they came to you in the box crushed. But still there was no greater pleasure than taking a dupis and dipping it in the nesquik (or colacao, according to the side to which you belonged ) putting all the fingers to the knuckles. And how well the dupis absorbed milk, what a trickle festival. "

Imagine what the ape man did with the Dupis. / ALL COLLECTION / LA GULATECA


When the Ortiz muffins - my favorite ones in childhood - disappeared and those of La Bella Easo - the ones I hated the most - remained, I learned that the world was an intrinsically unfair place, and I might even stop believing in God at that time. Still today I wonder why such a cataclysm, which deprived us of the best industrial cupcake of all time: juicy, with an index of consistency when dipping it in perfect milk and the most delicious chemical aftertaste this zampabollos has ever known. Of course, I was also fascinated by the Ortiz Gitanitos, a cupcake halfway between the Phoskito and the Bony whose racist pelín name would be unfeasible today that apparently continues to be sold in some corners of the planet.

The gypsy and his nice sister paya. / PHOTOLOG


Why was the Friguron blue and tasted like pineapple? Iñaki Berazaluce deciphers the mystery: "The yellow is caught by the lemon and the orange by the orange, so the pineapple flavor touched the blue color in the chromatic roulette of the flavors. The pineapple sugus had blue wrap, so that the Friguron was doomed to know pineapple (the color precedes the taste in the design of the pole). " This product born in the eighties did not have the luck it deserved, perhaps eclipsed by other superstars of the same brand. "What did such a package do in the lineup of Frigo's 82, the brand's dream team? Flanked by the legendary Dracula and Frigopié, the Friguron was the team's Prosinecki, a loser, a wannabe."

"When they paid us, we ran to the store so that our favorite ice cream did not run out," Javier Ikaz adds. "I always took the Friguron. It was like a huge pineapple flash. Is there anything more refreshing? I've always been more ice than cream." Which dish of El Bulli, the Friguron had to be eaten following a specific ritual. "His grace," says Berazaluce, "consisted of absorbing all the blue ice cream dye and then eating the clear ice, which was the best of the combo."


Petit Suisse is actually a type of fresh cheese from Normandy, but Danone appropriated the denomination and, to the delight of all the children of the eighties, began manufacturing it industrially. This memorable product was Mònica Escudero's favorite childhood snack: "I liked them with slices of bananas and strawberry on top, spread on a Maria cookie or putting two in a glass with two tablespoons of brown sugar - in the eighties, yes, my grandfather was a vegetarian and at home we took things that my friends of the time considered 'very rare' - removing the minimum to continue noticing the crunchi-crunchi texture of sugar. "

"The uncle who invented Petit Suisse was a fucking genius," confirms Iñaki Berazaluce. "Selling minitarrinas at the price of medium yogurt means multiplying by four the price of the product, a packaging strategy that later emulated Mini Babibel and Actimel. The Petit Suisse of flavors were contingent, with the hurried exception of strawberry, but the natural SIN SUGAR was necessary. " This wonder disappeared when the Petit Suisse became Danonino, one of those sugar bombs with which contemporary mothers and fathers fatten their young. "I suppose they changed their name because cheese has little left. Right now I would use it as a base for sauces, as a cake topping and I would continue eating it with fruit, which was great."

They expire in 2009. / PHOTOLOG


"There was a time, much longed for by Iban Yarza, in which children's parties took crochets, half nights with Nocilla, sandwiches of Bimbo bread with pate la Piara and olives stuffed with anchovy," says Mònica. "There was no Pinterest, the cupcakes, Zombies VS Plants or the Fanta light, and if I remember correctly, life didn't go so badly (despite the Sparks colony, which reeked of radioactive roll). In one of these celebrations I discovered the Fanta apple without gas, and the two or three times I tried it in my life have been burned in my memory. Like the announcement of it, which I have not been able to find on YouTube but I can still sing by heart (I proceed): 'Without gaaaas, without gaaaas, you can already drink, Fanta without gaaaas! Fanta naranjaaaaa, Fanta limoooón, and now also, Fanta Manzaaaana, also without gas! Without, without, yes! The three flavors, in two sizes, and in teeetra brick, without gaaaas, without gaaaas, now you can drink, Fanta without gaaaas! '

"Shortly after," she continues packed, "Trina took out a gasified version of her drinks, which if I remember correctly did not eat a torrado, while the original versions of both enjoy good commercial health today. Moral: If you are not broken, don't fix it. " In a very unusual way in it, Mònica would combine this extinguished soda with a little alcohol. "If now one fell into my hands I would take it with a splash of vodka, lots of ice and the juice of half a lime."


Papadelta are a potato appetizer born back in 1988 and made by the Spanish brand Grefusa, also responsible for El Piponazo pipes or MisterCorn corn. They still exist, but the version that Angel Sanchidrián liked best, the orange, has been discontinued. "It's been more than 20 years since I was buying a sandwich at midmorning at mid-morning and for 15 pesetas an orange Papadelta bag. They were like COU's first morreo, a delight to put on your white eyes. If someone asked me for a a piece of sandwich gave him a mouthful, but the papadelta were only mine, to pa me".

Of the orange there is no photo. / GREFUSA


A clear case of product that derives in another for dark commercial reasons and ends up losing its identity. The Drakis fascinated the children for their food-toy condition and their unmistakable taste of well-stocked industrial bauble, but when they first transformed into Drakis Gang and then, in Cheetos Pandilla, the magic vanished. "With its cheese and bacon flavor (you only had a couple of eggs left for dinner), the first Drakis were shaped like a denture and it was inevitable to put them on teeth before eating them," says Jorge Díaz. "What do you feel like hitting them again!"

Teeth, teeth. / YOUTUBE


Yoplait was the brand that opted more strongly for liquid yogurt in the eighties, when this kind of extravagance was not very common and most consumers did not leave the natural, strawberry and lemon. However, he did not have the favor of the public, if we excepted a small sector of heroin addicts who embraced him with enthusiasm for being cheap and digestible even under the influence of opiates. Yop disappeared, and without being on the drug or anything like that, some of us miss him for being the perfect product to slap him when you got home a bit borrashio, he didn't give you the head to cook anything and you needed something to stabilize Your stomach battered by alcohol.

Let's get physical with Yop. / YOUTUBE


Only people who have lived to the limit dare to claim a drink like the Tab, and Iñaki Berazaluce is one of them. "In the fresheras of the eighties bars, next to the tonic Kas and the mirindas of orange and lemon, inhabited the only soft drink in the world that not only did not make you fat… but also lost weight! We are talking about Tab, of course, a coke - a little laziness created by and for women, as their ads insisted. " The product was launched by Coca-Cola itself in the sixties in the United States, arrived in Spain two decades later, and disappeared at night time except in some places in the south of the country, where it is still sold. "The day Coca-Cola Light appeared," Berazaluce explains, "Tab lasted what a grocery lasts when they open a Day in the neighborhood."

No sugar, no caffeine, no shaft. / I CARE MUCH


"Palulu" is one of the many denominations that receives licorice stick, a food? which, of course, still exists, but that we no longer find in candy stores as in the past. The explanation of his success - and perhaps also of disgrace - is given by Ángel Sanchidrián: "The palulú was disgusting, a tree hunk, a bitter branch that we sucked like monkeys on the desktop. But something had to hook. I know if it would be the western cowboy pose when you held it between your lips, or that we ate whatever crap the lady from the candy store sold us, but that twig had a unique taste that didn't look like any other. "

The worst were drooling fibers. / GSM SPAIN


"The pocket of a boy without chewing gum was unthinkable and, removing those from the fashion television series, were the Boomer with more delirious flavors. Even custard! The possibilities multiplied by a thousand in the store," recalls Javier Ikaz Indeed, determined to cause cavities to all children in Spain, this brand not only billed gigantic chewing gum, but also permeated them with very delicious flavors such as clementine, watermelon, coconut or peach. Despite their success, they disappeared from the market a few years ago, without the whereabouts of the elastic superman announcing them being known today.

What product of the past would you like me to come back to? It demands your return in the comments!

Video: Kas (March 2020).

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